Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have been shamefully remiss lately, not only about posting in a timely manner, but indeed taking pictures of my outfits or even bothering to get properly dressed in the first place. Given the amount of time I now have on my hands, I should really have nothing better to do than play dress up all day. There are really no excuses other than my own laziness. At any rate, I'm going to use this opportunity to get caught up with the outfits I have photographed and make a concerted effort to get back on track for the last month and a half of my experiment.

I was tempted to wear some lace tights with this outfit, but it really needed that bit of colour.

I love the colours on this shirt, so I've been hanging onto it with the idea of turning it into something fabulous. I ran some elastic through the hem here, but I don't think it's there yet - clearly it needs a bit more work.

new purse from my dad.

detail of a necklace I wore last Saturday

I've pretty much worn all of these things before, but I liked the combination of the blue and pink.

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