Monday, November 30, 2009

Sometimes in my mess of a bedroom, I'll find two garments laying on top of each other that I would never have thought to combine. That's how I came up with this outfit. The blouse is from Topshop and needs some bra strap holders sewn in as the front and the back are both cut very low and it has a tendency to slip off my shoulders. Because of this, I haven't worn this top as much as I would've like to. The dress is actually my 8th grade graduation dress bought for me by my mom at some mall department store (the label is Rampage). This dress has gotten a lot of wear over the years. In 10th grade I mistakenly used it as the basis of a 1940's look I was trying for a big holiday party. I had even interviewed my great aunt on hair and makeup of the day with no luck.
(Me: What sort of makeup did you guys wear in the 40's?
Aunt: I don't think you need to be wearing much makeup at your age)

I wish I had pictures available of that night, because my look is so not 40's it's laughable. The socks are from Hansel from Basel. I'm not entirely sure they work here, but it was a bit too cold to go without them, and I also just wasn't feeling the whole bare knee thing today. The necklace is Automatic Sweetheart (who by the way will be out selling her wares along with many other fine artisans at the Unique Los Angeles Holiday show this weekend).


  1. Two observations:

    It is certainly ironic that a Luddite would have such a cornucopia of fine raiment given that they were all likely produced by means of the very textile mass production techniques that were the subject of Luddite grievance; and

    Nice tattoos.

  2. Ha! Yes, the irony is not lost on me. My mother (who earned a living as a hand weaver at one point) used to tell me that even the poorest among us today still has more clothing in their closet than an 19th century noblemen, much less a rural worker. I guess "technophobe with a laptop" just doesn't have the same ring.