Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Well, it's now the last month of my year long experiment. Recently in conversation with R. I complained that I haven't really had the opportunity to wear any of my cocktail and formal wear, so we hit upon the idea of making December dress month. Back in college I used to get dressed up in ballgowns just to do the grocery shopping, a habit I have sadly fallen out of. So, to kick off the month, I have here a dress that is neither formal nor cocktail, but one that I love nonetheless. I bought it last year at a thrift store and only this week got around to sewing the necessary buttons back on (yes, I can be incredibly lazy about doing things like hemming skirts and sewing on buttons). The tights are Look from London tights that I bought off the Free People website. I love almost anything with a peacock feather on it, so naturally I had to have these. It's a bit of a shame that the skirt hem interferes with the top of the design.

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