Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Please excuse my cat's rather shocking disregard for the camera, as this was the only picture I took that showed off the ornamentation at the back of my skirt. The skirt is from Topshop and the sweater from H&M. About an hour after taking this picture Mrs. T. convinced me that I should change into something warmer.

This black lace sweater is part of my haul from the new Rodarte for Target collection, which I must say left me a bit cold (the collection, not the sweater though I dare say if I were to wear it out on it's own as the salesgirl suggested, it would probably leave me a bit cold as well). Underneath we have a grey sweater from UO which I am sure will be familiar to most of you by now. And finally rounding out the top half is my Soft Cell T-shirt from Dumpster Values - probably my favorite of all the band T-shirts I've ever owned.

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