Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome back readers! I've missed you. I took the last month off from posting, partly because of a lingering illness that made me just want to wear sweatshirts, jeans and slippers for the past month and partly because by the end of 2009's wardrobe project my closet was not more organized (indeed quite the opposite) and the whole business had become a bit tiresome. Posting endless pictures of my daily outfits without some sort of formal structure behind it is not something I can feel good about doing. Please don't get me wrong, I love seeing all the blogs and flickr pictures of other girls in their finery, right now I just don't feel like doing it myself.

At the moment I have several fashion related projects up my sleeve, the first of which being that I have set myself the goal of completing five garments by Valentine's Day (with extra points being given for finishing items that have been languishing in the sewing room for who knows how long).

Why five and why Valentine's Day? Well, lets just say that it involves my personal guilt over buying new clothing and a sale going on at a certain store.

Let the countdown begin!

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