Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello there.  For the past few years I keep telling myself that I should just shut this blog down.  If you take a quick look at the side of the page, you'll see that I only posted nine times in 2011, and so far 2012 is looking even worse.  But, like many things in this life, you put it aside and think "I'll just hold onto this, I might want to use it later".  Well, lo and behold, yesterday I felt like using this humble blog again.

 Remember this dress?  I made it two years ago in a month long flurry of dressmaking activity.  I have a tendency (I'm sure many of us who indulge in fabric hoarding do as well) of not wanting to cut into a really awesome piece of fabric until I am sure that the resulting garment will be really worth it.  Well, in this instance at least, I feel 100% confident that I could not have put this fabric to better use.  In fact this outfit got so much positive acclaim from people that I started to feel bad for my coworkers who probably wanted to strangle me after hearing "Thank you, I made it" for the umpteenth time.

I include this shot to illustrate how an outfit will morph over the course of the day.  Here we are after work and gone are the patterned tights and restrictive shoes (I don't care how comfortable a pair of shoes are, after nine hours all shoes are restrictive).  In their place are a pair of shorts perfect for laying on the couch and watching a Claude Chabrol film.

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