Friday, January 23, 2009

The green turtleneck is from the Jet Rag $1 parking lot sale. I used to go out to those about once a month when I was in high school. The jeans are from The Gap and they are my current favorites. I wish I could find a similar cut at The Gaps here in the U.S., but no luck so far. The belt is from Brooks Salzwedel. R. gave it to me as a hostess' gift when she came to stay with us in Belfast a few years ago. The jacket I got from Western Costume when I did an internship there last year. Technically I was working in the research library, but while I was there they had a massive "yard sale" to clear out some of their old stuff which all us interns had to work on. I picked this up there. I'm secretly hoping that someday I'll be watching some classic movie and see my coat on one of the leading ladies.

Don't I look terrifying in this picture? Sadly I was in such a rush yesterday that I didn't have time to take more than this single picture of my outfit. The Jacket is from Banana Republic and was part of my massive end of the year shopping spree. It lost a button the second time day I wore it out and I have yet to sew it back on. The scarf I believe I inherited from my maternal grandmother when she died, though maybe it came from a yard sale or flea market. The label says "Made in Italy exclusively for Mademoiselle". I wonder if this refers to the now defunct women's magazine. You can't really see it here, but I'm also wearing a dove grey V-necked sweater from Zara. The jeans are from Topshop (I think these are probably the only pair of jeans I own and actually wear that are not from The Gap). The boots are from Office. I think my ex-boyfriend may have bought them for me. I love them because they remind me of something from Vivienne Westwood's Pirates collection.

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