Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's been very cold today, so this outfit has gone through several permutations as I have found the need to add more layers over the course of the day. The jeans are the same ones I wore yesterday (yes against "the rules", but whatever. Perhaps the rules need to be modified to accommodate reality). The blue top which you can sort of see peeking out around the edges, I made from a Built By Wendy sewing pattern. That is how I looked at work today. Once I got home, I added the sweater and scarf. The sweater was a gift from T. She got it at a swap party. I had been unable to attend and this is one of two goodies she very sweetly brought back for me. The tag says its from Charlotte Russe. I have never actually set foot in one of those stores, though I've had a fair number of classmates who have worked for the company in various capacities. The scarf is from American Apparel. Frankly, it is just a long rectangle of knit fabric being sold for 3 times the price it would cost at Michael Levine's. I bought it because I was suckered in by those videos they play in store showing all the different ways you can wear it (I've only tried 2 so far). The jacket is another I picked up at the Western Costume yard sale. I like it, but I sort of worry that it makes me look like a high school theatre student. Shoes are a bit of a problem with it too as you can see here. It really needs some awesome boots to make it work.

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