Friday, March 20, 2009

I think this blouse was given to me by my great aunt. She was quite the fashion plate back in the day and also (pointless but interesting to me) sounds exactly like "Little" Edie Beale. I think that watching Grey Gardens has always been an even more disconcerting experience for me because of this. I took this picture minutes after pulling the blouse out of a box. See how wrinkled it is here, by the time I got to work it was miraculously presentable - ah the wonders of synthetic fibers! The skirt is from H&M. I bought it Glasgow nine (!!!) years ago. This used to be the skirt I wore most frequently until it went missing only to be found by me this morning, also wrinkled and in a box with other forgotten skirts. I like this as a work look, it makes me feel slightly more professional than usual. I had several people tell me I looked nice today, but the most interesting comment came from a cute young lesbian couple who said I reminded them of P.J. Harvey. Hmm . . .

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