Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What's going on here is that I have brought one of the unpacked suitcases I took along on holiday back in September with me on my semi-annual housesitting excursion. This sweater is from Anthropologie. I have technically worn it already, but that was on said holiday and subsequently did not get photographed. At that time, it was quite a hit with one of the Reiss salesgirls. The pants are from Uth. They were my favorites of mine at one point around 2001, but hadn't made it back to the states til this last trip. The socks are Pringle. They make some nice knee socks that I like to stock up on when I'm in the UK. I'm also wearing a cute necklace from Poppy About, but I doubt it's visible here because it kept disappearing under my sweater all day. Everything else I have already worn this year.

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